Welcome To Al Dee Productions                                                              

Al Dee Productions is the industries leaders in DJ Entertainment with amazing lighting, Photography & Cinema Video. Our home base is in Orlando Florida but we have performed for over thousands of people internationally!

Over the years we have entertained many events for Weddings, Award Dinners, Sweet 16\Quince's, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, School Dances and a large variety of corporate functions.

We stand on the cutting edge of entertainment technology. We attend "state-of-the-art" expos to view the latest technology in sound and lighting. Our DJ's are personable and mature Masters of Ceremonies, all with their own unique styles and talents.

Our DJ's come from a diverse cultural backgrounds "we have the best Latin DJ's in Florida". They know how to keep the spotlight and the focus on the most important people, "you."

Al Dee Productions Commercial

Our custom lighting will create an amazing ambiance to help get your guests ready to dance! Areas of Technology we utilize are professional audio equipment, video, trussing and intelligent lighting. All of these components are controlled directly from our computer-based Dj Booth. Such as music videos, video presentations, custom light shows, custom mono grams, ambient up lighting and much more!

If an event is worth having... it's worth Cinema Theater and Photography! Creating memories with a video of your event or wedding on a DVD complete with scene selections! Professional digital photography with all your photos on a DVD. You can have professional prints, coffee table books and albums, proof books or photo guest books!

You will find our prices to be affordable! We also do corporate and commercial videography and photography. You will find our prices to be affordable!  Feel free to contact us anytime for your next special event.  Follow us @ Facebook Call Us 407-992-6296                           

Al Dee Productions producing events of all types, every step of the way!

New "Flower Wall"

Flower walls are adding new heights of beauty to events these days and offering an unexpected way to decorate with blooms, whether at a fashion show, celebrity wedding, or your own celebration. 



What they're saying

Without a doubt we chose the perfect team to save our memories from our wedding. We cannot thank enough to Rodrigo and Dee not only for their excellent and professional work, but also because they made our day to flow easily between tons of laughs and fun! The Photos that Rodrigo took at our wedding are beyond wonderful... Besides he makes us look amazing....he definitely captured all the special moments that we want to keep forever! Now, regarding the video.... Dee you gave us exactly what we asked for.... The perfect documental of our special day, making everything look so smooth and gave us the best of our day! the real love story :) I also want to add, that these two perfect gentlemen are the best in what they do! I highly recommend work with Rodrigo and Dee. We got the best pics and video ever! But also their personalities made us feel that beyond having a photographer and a videographer we were surrounded with friends! Many thanks to both of you!!!! :) Herminia and John Melillo

Anthony & Shannon @ Royal Crest Room

We found out 5 days before our wedding that our original photographer canceled. We called Al Dee and his team to do photography and videography. They took charge during the wedding to ensure they captured every moment possible. They bring so much passion & energy behind their work, that is what you need for your special day! Shannon & I would highly recommend Al Dee and his production team for any wedding or special occasion! Thanks for capturing all the memories we will remember for a lifetime!!

You did it Al Dee Productions.. The end of year celebration was a huge success thanks to all of you for helping! Getting a lot of feedback already this morning on how fantastic it was.

Thank you Al Dee and your crew for a wonderful job well done. You and your crew are professional and it shows!! Thanks again everyone for all the hard work. 

Wyndham's end of the year event "Fire & Ice"

HNBA award ceremony at the world famous Omnia Las Vegas

We only have one word about your DJ's "WOW" The music was on point and our guests can't stop talking about how much fun they had! Can't wait to see you guys in Chicago!!

School Dance's

Al Dee Productions was the DJ at the prom for Cypress Creek High School. From the beginning of the planning it was obvious that his only concern was providing a show that my students would truly enjoy and was going to do all he could to make the prom special. The ballroom for prom looked incredible! He went out of his way to find extra things to make it look beautiful! The entertainment was perfect. The students enjoyed themselves immensely and my administration was very impressed! The company is very easy to work with and I appreciate how much thought and caring went into our night

Cristina Cameron Junior Class Sponsor Cypress Creek High School

Cypress Creek Dance

Winter Park Dance

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