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Johnny Magic & Mariela Wedding

I'll never forget the first time I met with Mariela & Johnny Magic who came to Al Dee Productions with Ashlie Shea Robertson Owner /Senior Wedding Planner of Weddings in the City.

Mariela and Johnny were excited about Al Dee productions setting up our white round Chuppah with chandelier and backdrop draping for their ceremony.

Johnny was very impressed with our presentation and services that he pulled me to the side and asked me if I would be able to help him pull off an even bigger surprise for his future bride Mariela. Johnny wanted the coming to America theme introductions. We both knew exactly what scene and when it was going to happen, as if we read each other’s mind. “The African dancer’s right before Mariela walked into the ball room” It was perfect. Our Secret …… It was a first for Al Dee Production needless to say we were more than honored to make this happen for their special day.

As the day progressed Mariela & Johnny noticed a photo on our wall with the bride and groom dancing in the clouds. They asked if we could do it for their wedding, I couldn’t say No because from the moment I met with them I knew we were going to be friends. It was my honor to create this for them.

Here are some samples of our work (draping, lighting, Chuppah with chandelier, African performers, dancing in the clouds)

I want to Thank Victoria Angela Photography for the amazing photos.